How do I know your masks are real?

From time to time, ActionPPE will provide our customers with brief messages about our products and services. We want you informed and assured that we are here to support you. This short message is to remind you of what matters most - patient safety & product quality.

  1. We only source PPE products from FDA registered manufacturing plants. The PPE products are manufactured to FDA standards. Additionally, these plants are subject to FDA inspections.

  2. The following are benchmarks that the manufacturers have communicated to ActionPPE:

    • Disposable procedure face mask standards were reviewed by an outside accreditation team at the manufacturing plant and met all inspection benchmarks.

    • KN95 respirators are affirmed to be manufactured to established international standards to ensure these products can be used in Healthcare settings.

  3. ActionPPE additionally has these products impartially tested to confirm the standard attested to by the manufacturors. Below are recent test results for the KN95 products, which must meet the FE 95.0% requirement. These tests assure the high quality of the products delivered to you.

    • The manufacturing plant provided to us the test result of a median FE: 98.8%·

    • ActionPPE had an independent test by SST of a median FE: 99.4%

    • ActionPPE procured a US-independent test by SGS Labs of a median FE: 96.0%

  4. ActionPPE has retained FDA experts from Fortune 50 companies to advise on product specifications and practices.

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